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The name SiHulk can be hidden after it was viral due to Covid-19 patients share their experience cured from the killer disease on social media.

SiHulk is a brand for honey bee cultured drink for all ages and timing. It is 100% organic and being process naturally without heating and cooling. 

Fermentation has chosen to extract the micro-organism from the honey bee. The organism is originated from bee’s belly that dormant in honey. It can be activated through natural process during the right time and the right place.

Research study has been done via collaboration with the Faculty of Bio-Science and medical Engineering of University Technology of Malaysia since 2016.

The crucial finding was the honey been must be processed by consumption, otherwise it is just a waste! The honey bee must be extracted to activate its micro-organism to help human in boosting their energy and immunization system.

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Curated Products
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Honey bee must be processed by nature to extract for human health and wellness
Suhaini Mohammad

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We are not vaccine and we are not medicine but just a fermented honey bee drink

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